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Interviewing Academy - Expert Mock Interview Training

The mock interview can make a big difference between impressing the potential employer and being just another interview.  The job interview can make or break an otherwise qualified candidate. The key is to eliminate the competition by improving your interview skills to get the job you want!

This session is customized to your specific situation and concerns. We coach and guide you in identifying and expressing your strengths, skills, competencies and value as they relate to an employer's needs. We'll also help you deal with perceived problem interview questions, help you with your presentation, positioning statement, and exit statement to help you separate yourself from the competition during face-to-face and phone screening interviews. 

Interview Training Benefits

  • Professional and confidential one-on-one training in person, or using a webcam over the internet

  • Advance competency and skills assessment to discover your "highest and best" use

  • Develop your verbal answers to the most difficult questions

  • Top Five Critical Mindsets™ you must use during every formal interview

  • Expert tips to capitalize on your strengths, competencies and skills

  • Help you identify your critical non-verbal and body language tendencies

  • How to ask the right questions using The Doctor-Patient Interview Method™

  • Ease the nervousness and fear of interviewing forever

  • Eliminate the competition and secure more job offers

Master the Answer Strategy

Interviewers are known for asking a wide range of questions, and this training covers a wide range of possible question categories.

  • Work and Education questions: (What have you done and learned?) Why did you leave your last job? What did you like most about your last job? What did you like least about it? What is your management style?

  • Skills and Competency questions: (What can you do?) Describe a challenging work issue you had to face. How do you handle pressure?  What is your most significant career accomplishment?

  • Personality/Value/Goal questions: (Who are you?) What makes you a good team member? Where do you see yourself five years from now?  How have you grown in the last few years?

  • Behavioral/Situational questions: (Can you tell a story?) Tell me about a time when you had to juggle priorities to meet a deadline.  If we were to hire you, what would you do in the first 60 days? 

  • Job Match questions: (Are you a match?) How would you describe your ideal work environment? What aspects of the job will you like least? Why should we hire you for this position? What do you expect your starting salary to be?

Interview Strategy Coaching

Step-by-step instructions on how to manage your job interview strategy with when a job interview is scheduled:

  • How to research the prospective employer to uncover key information

  • Rehearse answers to predictable questions and position yourself to succeed

  • Using information or networking interviews to reveal about the company people, management, culture, salary, etc.

  • Last minute preparation before snd after your actual employment interview

  • Knowing when to follow up with e-mail, regular mail, or phone calls, before and after the interview.

Meet your Interview Coach

Mark S. James, CPC is the Founder and President of Hire Consulting Services and he is a Certified  Personnel Consultant who has been providing executive search, career transition coaching services for over 20 years. As a Career Transition Coach and Executive Recruiter, Mark provides a very unique perspective for people that are in career transition, planning to make job change or need to improve their focus on managing their career path.  He has interviewed and provided coaching for hundreds of executive and professionals.  Mark delivers a proven interview training process, coupled with honest expert advice to guide you through your job search campaign strategy.

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Interviewing Academy Training Process

Here is a summary of what will be provided: 

1. Career Assessment - Emailed to you and completed to determine your Top 8 competencies and Top 12 skills. 

2. Create a Job Search Marketing Plan(JSMP) which includes your 3 statements (Professional Objective, Positioning Statement, and Exit Statement) You will received a JSMP template and sample statements to create your answers to 3 critical questions and create your Top 8 stories/examples (included in the JSMP template) that demonstrate your Top 8 competencies.  

3. Mock Interview Training - This one-on-one meeting can be done on the phone via Skype using a webcam or in a local business office conference room and will last approx. 2.5 hours.  You will receive 20 interview questions (in advance) so you can prepare your answers. You will also receive several documents with tips and strategies on interviewing.  This session will include a question-by-question critique of your answers with feedback, suggestions for improvement, and tips on successful interviewing.  The Q & A session will address issues, concerns and your interview strategy, including discussion of your personal marketing message and memorable stories, and how to convey that to the interviewer.   

Mock Interview Training Fee:  


For More Information: Email HCS  Phone: 760-230-4301

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